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Marquis Industrial Services is proud to offer clients with experienced, professional, and reliable heat tracing installation services for a variety of industries, including chemical, oil & gas/energy (upstream, midstream and downstream) and power generation. Since Marquis focuses on installation, our teams are supplier agnostic – meaning we can install heat tracing solutions from the manufacturer of your choice. It is our job to ensure that every heat tracing project installation follows the engineering and manufacturing specifications, keeping your assets running smoothly without performance issues, safety violations, or non-productive time (NPT). We support our industrial customers at all phases, including new construction, plant maintenance, turnarounds, and small tear-off/replacement jobs – whenever and wherever quality heat tracing installation is required. Once the piping has been released, our expert heat tracing installation teams can finish the job.

Whether you are maintaining product integrity in the process industry, or you are charged with critical winterization challenges, our heat tracing experts are ready to support your next installation. If your product needs to be maintained at 40°F or 700°F, we can help you with all your heat tracing installation jobs. Here are a few key reasons customers rely on Marquis Industrial for their heat tracing installation services:

  • Experienced heat tracing personnel
  • Lower costs, built-in efficiencies with multiple jobsite service lines
  • Fewer scheduling delays
  • Services include 1-year warranties
  • Commissioning documentation and support
  • Single point of contact
  • Quality assurance and Megger testing
  • Clear communications and consistent updates
  • And much more!

One Contact, Single-Supplier Strategy

There are tremendous efficiencies gained by using one supplier that can offer multiple industrial services like Marquis Industrial. This eliminates scheduling delays, additional indirect issues that drive up costs, and helps each project phase run more smoothly and efficiently. Also, when you work with Marquis Industrial, we provide a single customer contact – giving you peace-of-mind that you have total partner focus at every turn. This strategy provides a holistic view of each project to take advantage of scheduling opportunities, cost savings and project efficiencies. Plus, you never have to figure out “who to call” if you have a project question.

What is Heat Tracing?

Heat tracing involves the installation of a heat transferring medium (i.e., electric, steam, or fluid) on to the piping, vessel, or equipment to maintain a specific temperature or range. The two most common mediums are steam and electric, with electric now becoming the dominant choice for heat tracing. Heat tracing is installed to regulate product temperatures to maintain the integrity of the product flowing through equipment lines. Many products are volatile and can change their characteristics based on temperature, so it is critical to maintain specific temperature tolerances at all times. Any product that needs to have a constant and consistent temperature window is a candidate for heat tracing.

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